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Castle Valley, Utah

The 13th-century Persian poet Rumi writes of the world being an instrument, each of us designed to sing the one singular note that is OURS to sing.

My note?  On some days, it’s maddening how elusive and off-key it sounds, to my ears.  On other days, the song feels like it sings itself.  Today is that rare kind of day.

My song for you is a video montage of images I captured on a recent solo trip to Utah.

My love affair with the canyon country began over thirty years ago as a backcountry ranger in the “Maze District” of Canyonlands. 

Remote even by today’s standards, back then The Maze was the edge of the world.  

Moab was a hick ranching town, mountain bikes were newfangled contraptions (“they will NEVER catch on”) . . . we saw visitors in the Park maybe once a week. 

Even today, with the slickrock hosting the uneasy bedfellows of jeepers, cyclists, hikers, and intrepid photographers, I still find an odd comfort and companionship in the stark, barren beauty of the place.

I hope these images convey the freedom, reverence, and hope that I feel when I’m there.

My prayer for you — find your place, your note, your moment of peace in this world of “longing-pain” and raw beauty.

“Each Note” by Rumi
Each note is a need coming through one of us, 
a passion, a longing-pain. 
Remember the lips 
where the wind-breath originated, 
and let your note be clear. 
Don’t try to end it . 
BE Your Note. I’ll show you how it’s enough. 
Go up on the roof at night 
in the city of the soul. 
Let Everyone climb on their roofs 
and sing their notes! 
Sing loud!

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